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Anyone ordered online from IKEA for home delivery?

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MrsJohnDeere Sun 25-Oct-09 13:35:51

Does the stuff generally come on the estimated delivery date? Do they contact you beforehand to confirm delivery?

Have ordered something that is estimated to arrive on Weds but have heard nothing at all, other than confirmation of the order weeks ago.

DottyDotsOfBloodOnTheFloor Sun 25-Oct-09 13:40:14

Hi - yes in my experience they always do - I don't think they contacted us beforehand, just pitched up on the day!

CybilAviationAuthority Sun 25-Oct-09 13:46:36

Yes it came when it should, and the helpline was very helpful. I would double check just to be on the safe side

firsttimemama Sun 25-Oct-09 13:46:50

Mine came a day early.

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