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Waterproof all in ones - fleece lined or not?

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Montifer Sat 24-Oct-09 11:50:13

Am looking at waterproof all in one suits for DS(16 months) to replace the Regatta one he is growing out of.

Can't decide whether to go for another waterproof shell which he needs to wear lots of warm layers under or one of the cosy looking fleece lined ones. They do look very warm and am not sure if he needs that amount of insulation as there's no snowboarding trip planned this year, sadly.

Will he roast on a wet wintry walk in a fleece line number?

Montifer Sat 24-Oct-09 20:55:23

Wet and windy bump

littleducks Sat 24-Oct-09 20:58:03

We have waterproof dungarees which are unlined with matching jacket

great as can be used in warmer weeather for messy/muddy things too or with tights/leggings and trousers in winter

Montifer Sat 24-Oct-09 22:18:41

Thanks, two piece does sound more practical

sausagesupper Sat 24-Oct-09 22:24:23

would second getting 2 pieces, the dungarees will last ages longer than an all in one suit. Also easier for going to the toilet in!!

accessorizequeen Sun 25-Oct-09 19:27:46

I've found waterproof trousers to be soooo useful as they get older coz you can stick them on for the park if slides are wet or just a wet but warm day when they want to splash in puddles. I've had dungarees and neither ds liked them much, they were a lot faffier to put on imo although they are v.cute. Can highly recommend muddy puddles btw. If you're still keen on fleece lined trousers I think jojomaman do some waterproof ones? But I think you're right in that he'll roast in fleece lined!

UniS Sun 25-Oct-09 19:32:13

IHMO go for a shell and fleece separately. More flexible. you can shed teh waterproof when its wet at end of teh walk and still have them snug in their inner layers on teh train. Can use the waterproof longer into teh summer as it will still fit over light shorts for longer.

If you think you wilbe potty training in next year go for two piece rather than all in one. BUT those regatta one pieces are good value and seemed to work well.

Montifer Sun 25-Oct-09 22:16:36

Very good point re potty training!

Will go for the 2 piece shell option I think.

Thanks all

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