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Bumgenius V3/Pop in Dream Dri or Totsbots Easyfit?

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CarryOnDancing Fri 23-Oct-09 13:00:42

I think I've narrowed my search to these 3, with a pref to the first 2. Any experiences or preferences to help? I'm due in Jan and would love to just buy and have everything ready. Also I live in Cheshire, any one know where I can go and get my hands on these to help my decision?
Thanks in advance!

hettie Sat 24-Oct-09 13:59:00

ok, go and have a look at the nappies section under products..... BUT my top tip (having been through loads of types of washables, including bumgenius and tots bots) is WAIT. Babies bottoms come in all diff szes and diff ones suit diff babies. these people will have links to local resouces- there are many services that offer a trial pack so you can see what works best for you.
I would say that generaly speaking the pocket nappies like bumgenius are great for handiness but less good at containing early days pooohs (sorry but you did ask!) especialy if, although I did find bumgenius best at containment. The no leak solution for lots of people is a motherease velcro wrap (with gussets ie not the rikki) with something that suits you washing/drying arrangements inside. For example I use natures babies bamboo lovables (under wrap) as they dry soft without a tumble drier. I also used fleece lines as you could dipose of thigns easier and the fleece layer next to bum kept bum dry. On this point bumgeius are good as they have that fleece layer.
Also bear in mind some babies are allergic or irritated to non-natural fibres......
hope this helps...

CarryOnDancing Mon 26-Oct-09 12:28:18

I've read through so many reviews I've forgotten where I'm up to. Its such a minefield, think I was secretly hoping someone would just make the decision for me.
Thanks for the link it is very helpful and very good point about allergic reactions!

I will try to be patient and maybe used disposibles for the first few days of poops?

Any other votes would be much appreciated.

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