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3 wheelers & buggy boards

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mintenz Mon 13-Jun-05 19:37:42

I need to buy a buggy/pram that can take a buggy board. I'd prefer not to buy a Maclaren or similar. Are there any single three wheelers that can accomodate a board? And do they make special boards for three wheelers or do you just use the generic type?

Xena Mon 13-Jun-05 19:42:10

I love the nipper single 3 wheeler nice and easy to push even with a bb.

LIZS Mon 13-Jun-05 20:17:22

You can fit a Kiddyboard onto a Quinny with a fixed axle, may need to fiddle with an allen key to get the height right though.

mintenz Wed 15-Jun-05 11:06:59

Xena - what kind of board do you put on the nipper? Buggy or Kiddie or special 3 wheeler one (if they exist?)? And LIZS, whats a Quinny?

Xena Wed 15-Jun-05 11:31:57

The Kiddie board it fits really easily on the metal bar at the back

Chuffed Wed 15-Jun-05 11:54:55

mountain buggy takes a buggy board

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