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Car insurance - questions???

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saintshar Mon 13-Jun-05 17:05:30

I am due to take my driving test soon, (shaking emoticon!) and have started to think what I will actually drive when I do pass!
We have one car atm, which we will upgrade for a new one in a Years time. DH uses this for work, so when (and if) I do pass, I will need to buy a car for myself.
For the first Year or so, I am thinking of getting myself an older car whilst I get used to driving alone.
So to the questions.. is it better to get insurance on my own, or join DH on his policy (I am on his policy now as a provisional driver.)
And will insurance companies cover two cars and two drivers on one policy?
I hope all this makes sense!

jessicasmummy Mon 13-Jun-05 17:08:43

there needs to be 2 seperate policies for each of the cars.

With regards to getting insurance on your own or getting dh to add you, depends on the cost tbh. I would get quotes for both and see what works out cheaper.

I would go for an older smaller car to start with. I had an F reg escort for the first 6 months and now im bombing about in a mondeo!

biglips Mon 13-Jun-05 17:09:59

i would wait for 2 years before upgrading your car.

if you wants to build your no claims discount then you get insurance for yourself, if youre not bothered with no claims discount then you go on your DH insurance....

no insurance co. will cover 2 cars and 2 drivers on one policy but your DH can have 2 different policys (as 2 different cars) with the same insurance

hope this helps?

biglips Mon 13-Jun-05 17:11:00

i started with an M reg ford fiesta 1.4 and 2 years later i upgraded it to 1.6 escort.. etc etc

edodgy Mon 13-Jun-05 17:25:57

you may as well get insurance in your own name as if your dh has 2 cars in his name (ie 2 policies with the same company) he can only use his no claims bonus on one of the cars so the other car will be just as expensive as if you got a policy in your own name. Also it is worth building up your own no claims its probably best to go with your dh's company for your insurance as they'll often give you discount because your spouse is insured with them.

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