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birthday present ideas for a 7yo

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csa Mon 13-Jun-05 16:25:04

girl who is quite girlie. about 10-15 pounds? any suggestions most welcome

beachyhead Mon 13-Jun-05 16:29:25

Tamagotchi, Bratz doll, anything Animal Hospital....

bigdonna Mon 13-Jun-05 22:27:29

is she into clothes?.stationary.My dd got a box full of stationary off a friend for her birthday and she loved it.

Linnet Mon 13-Jun-05 22:50:20

Bratz doll, Polly Pocket, My little Pony, clothes.

My dd is 7 nearly 8, but at all the parties she went to last year she gave the little girl either a polly pocket or a my little pony.

csa Tue 14-Jun-05 09:08:22

thanks for the ideas. didn't realise 'my little pony' was still in style.
big donna, don't actually know. she is the daughter of my dh's cousin so we don't get to see her much although we try to send her something for her birthday and christmas each year.

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