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iPod Touch -- can I put music videos on it?

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AtheneNoctua Tue 20-Oct-09 20:57:11

I am an apple novice to say the least. Have never really taken to the whole iPod thing. But, my gym has just put in brand new treadmills where you can plug the ipod into them and it will play your music/videos. In doing this they also got rid of MTV and the other music video channel... which I'm a tad annoyed about. But, anyway, I am now thinking of the iPod touch 32G but am not sure how one puts music videos onto it... I know I know. I'm dinosaur.

Thank you!

AtheneNoctua Wed 21-Oct-09 10:28:26


WartoScreamo Wed 21-Oct-09 10:31:04

You can download from Youtube etc into iTunes. Or upload stuff from DVDs I think. Have not yet tried - but it is certainly possible.

AtheneNoctua Wed 21-Oct-09 13:39:44

So, I can't buy videos direct fro iTunes?

silverfrog Wed 21-Oct-09 13:43:20

yes, i think you can buy them direct form itunes.

I haven't ever done so, but then my itouch is mostly used for entertaining children, so is full of Mr Tumble and the like.

You can also download tv/film stuff so could catch up on fav programmes while at the gym?

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