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Nipper buggy (single) - Any opinions

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bluebear Sun 12-Jun-05 20:14:47

I'm thinking of putting my double buggy into retirement - but can't bring myself to go back to a single maclaren type buggy - I often walk 5 miles pushing the children so I'ld like something easy to push (mainly pavements but occasional field) - which can have a buggyboard attached.
Also needs to be easy to fold and not too enormous as it needs to be stored in the buggy cupboard at dd's nursery.

I've been looking at the outandabout nipper - I've heard good things about the double nipper - Is the single nippy just as good?

Or should I stick with using my e3 as a single for long trips and buy a cheap maclaren type just for the nursery run?

toomanypushchairs Sun 12-Jun-05 20:33:01

we hired 2 single nippers whilst on holiday,when our dt's were 6months. they were fantastic and thats what convinced us to buy the double nipper. they folded really small, were lightweight, and great to push! I'd go for one!

toomanypushchairs Sun 12-Jun-05 20:34:04

sorry, forgot to say I now use a single maclaren with a buggy board and its really difficult to push with the board!

bluebear Sun 12-Jun-05 23:01:20

I use my old (and to be honest past it) maclaren with the buggyboard and it's awful - so I am still using my double e3 despite ds being almost 4.
I want to stop using it as he falls asleep in it and then he won't go to bed until 10pm.

Hmmm....looking promising for the nipper then - thanks toomanypushchairs.

bluebear Tue 14-Jun-05 20:17:26


Gem13 Tue 14-Jun-05 20:19:36

I love my single Nipper and miss it when not pushing it. Much better than the E3 which I sold on and sold on the Maclaren Techno too!

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