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Bargain Boy's Toy

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Fimbo Sat 11-Jun-05 23:19:42


WigWamBam Sat 11-Jun-05 23:25:38

You'll have the PC brigade in here in a minute ... my dd would have loved one of those!

Nbg Sat 11-Jun-05 23:28:24

Oooh dd would love that.

Will have to show dh when he comes home tomorrow.

Thanks Fimbo.

fatmomma Sat 11-Jun-05 23:29:29

I wonder if dh could fit his butt on that, he would love one for father's day!

Fimbo Sat 11-Jun-05 23:29:39

Ah WWB but will she insist on riding it wearing a dress!!

WigWamBam Sat 11-Jun-05 23:29:57

Yes. No question.

WigWamBam Sat 11-Jun-05 23:31:12

Her ambition at the moment is to be a crane driver, who has an evening job as a train driver, and who moonlights at the weekends as a ballet dancer. Gender stereotypes? Nah!

Fimbo Sat 11-Jun-05 23:35:51

Bless her. Mind you be a bit drafty climbing up a crane in a dress . My dd was mad about trains but it has since been passed onto to little brother. Gender stereotypes LOL - I gave my ds a handbag to play with at mother and toddlers the other day and he looked at me in disgust, threw it on the ground and went to look for cars. Most children go to bed with cuddly toys my ds goes to bed with cars!

WigWamBam Sat 11-Jun-05 23:36:53

My dd would if I would let her! Although they would have to be pink.

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