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Is it worth ringing head office? Anyone with any experience of Estee lauder?

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Flossam Sat 11-Jun-05 22:00:14

Hi there. I brought double wear last weekend for the first time. My friend convinced me it would be worth the money, and I do love the coverage. I had a consultation and the woman tried two shades on me. She suggested that 'pebble' would be best as it gave me a 'lovely colour' Yup, if you like orange! Unfortunately I have already chucked out box and reciept (it took me an embarrasing couple of days to realise I looked like I had been tangoed!). Went back and saw the same lady in Debenhams and was refused an exchange as per (apparently) debenhams policy (no reciept, but she knows she sold it to me). She seemed to think that if I phoned head office they would exchange. Just don't know if it would be worth it if they refuse... I will be without foundation for however long it takes them to send me a new one...meaning I will have to buy a new ( cheaper!) foundation in the meantime. Am a bit p'd off really!

snafu Sat 11-Jun-05 22:03:34

They probably will exchange (and you may even get freebies!) if you call them. It's not worth their while not to, iykwim.

Enid Sat 11-Jun-05 22:05:22

I'll have it!

I wear Estee Lauder pebble

Enid Sat 11-Jun-05 22:05:45

but irritatingly have just bought a new one

JoolsToo Sat 11-Jun-05 22:07:23

I used to wear pebble - its not orange

I'm now on ivory beige

double wear is fab - I love it!

Flossam Sat 11-Jun-05 22:11:46

Jools too, I'm sure its not on you. But I am fair skinned and it is on me Enid, I'll bear you in mind. Thanks Snafu, as long as they are a bit more friendly that debenhams I will give them a go. Just figure, a reciept is proof of purchase, but if the shop assistant that saw to me is there and remembers me, isn't that the same thing? After all, you'd be hard pressed to nick estee lauder products from behind their desks!

SueW Sun 12-Jun-05 08:57:26

You could ask them to go through their part of the receipt roll, giving them a time and date that you bought the product. After all, I bet they're not that busy on the counter that it would take them more than about 10 minutes to check the whole roll. Ask them to check CCTV footage to back up your claim.

Did you pay by credit card/debit card? You could use a copy of the bill.

beetroot Sun 12-Jun-05 08:58:43

Message withdrawn

starlover Sun 12-Jun-05 21:56:47

flossam... you do NOT have to have a receipt to take something back. The sale of goods act says that shops do not HAVE to give you a receipt, and so cannot insist that you have one on return of items.

you wouldn't be very likely to get a full refund as you have had use out of it... but they could give you a percentage of the cost in store credit... or a replacement product.


aloha Sun 12-Jun-05 22:16:26

Sale of Goods Act not really relevant here as the product isn't faulty, Flossam just doesn't like it, so she actually has not legal entitlement to anything. However, head office might do something - it's certainly worth a try.

Flossam Mon 13-Jun-05 09:32:30

I do kind of feel that as the advisor told me this was the correct colour I was mis-sold the item though? I will try and ring today anyhow so wish me luck!

Chuffed Mon 13-Jun-05 09:39:18

I have been told numerous times in many different stores that you can take back a used product to Estee Lauder if you don't like it, as some products don't have samples to try.

anchovies Mon 13-Jun-05 09:42:15

Estee Lauder policy is to allow you return anything you are not 100% satisfied with. When you ring estee lauder make sure you mention that the counter in debenhams refused to give you your money back.

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