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Koo-Di or Hippychick hip seat?

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Fleecy Wed 14-Oct-09 23:06:10

We had a Hippychick hip seat with DD but have lost it somewhere blush

DS is 18mo and I could really do with a replacement hip seat - was just going to get the Hippychick one but looked on eBay and the Koo-Di one is cheaper. Does anyone have one? Are they any good?

They look much nicer than wearing a giant bum bag like the Hippychick seat - but they also look like they might not be so supportive and might hurt your shoulder after a while. I'll plump for comfort over style on this occasion!

Any thoughts much appreciated.


Poledra Wed 14-Oct-09 23:08:59

Haven't tried a Koo-Di but absolutely love my HippyChick - would recommend it to anyone (though DH says it's only any good for women, as we actually have a hip - every time he tried it, it slid down and was v uncomfortable).

Fleecy Thu 15-Oct-09 10:50:48

Thank you! I never thought of that with the whole hip thing. DH said it looked silly so he never used it!

Bumping for all the people who were in bed when I posted last night...

missusp Tue 20-Oct-09 12:55:57

Depends if you want to be hands free or not. The Koo-di gives you your hands back but will def dig into your shoulder after a while. The Hippychick needs your arm to support your child which will result in arm-ache eventually.
Pros and cons to both!

Paranoidgirl Sat 31-Oct-09 17:20:37

Oh thank you - I think I'll go with the hip seat then. At least I've used it before so I know it'll be okay. Doesn't sound like the Koo-di is necessarily any better!

Paranoidgirl Sat 31-Oct-09 17:21:19

Oops blush

Name changed for another thread and forgot!

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