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Snunkie Liners - any good?

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Lucky13 Wed 14-Oct-09 22:55:37

I'm thinking of getting a liner for an old buggy as it needs a bit of padding.

I already have two buggy snuggles and a M&P liner/cosytoes, but i want something more comfy. I saw the Snunkie website and was wondering how thick the liners are and what people think of them?

I could just use my sheepskin - but i'm addicted to accessories and i want something new grin

sammysamsam Thu 15-Oct-09 01:50:20

I have a snunkie footmuff thingie, of which the top comes away to form a liner..its quite padded, but not like ultra padded-cusion like effect iykwim.. i'm not sure if the liner-only products are more padded or not, but i saw someone on the pushchair thread was selling one so they'd know..

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