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New Vacum - Miele or Bissell? Recommendations please

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jenkel Sat 11-Jun-05 20:20:24

Well, I have given up on our Dyson which is only just over a year old - it is totally useless, our first Dyson was great but looks to me like Dyson have gone down hill a bit.

Looking to buy a new one - Miele or Bissell seems to be the best buys at the moment, like the look of the Bissell bagless upright with detachable cylinder. We have a mixture of carpet, wood floors and tiles.

As I dont want to make another mistake, any of you have one, or any other recommendations. Thanks

LGJ Sat 11-Jun-05 20:22:18


The more expensive ones, we went through 3 VAX/ dyson wannabees in a year.

We have had this for several years now it is great.

Satine Sat 11-Jun-05 20:22:20

As far as I can remember, Which rate Miele very highly indeed. They also say Dysons are not very reliable, although I've had mine for 7 years and it's still going strong!!

Janh Sat 11-Jun-05 20:51:58

Miele Miele Miele! Incredible on all surfaces. Has bags but they hold loads. I have an S571, Gobbledegook bought one several weeks ago and hunkermunker last week and we are all smitten.

Got mine from here (so did GDG), temp out of stock but worth hanging on for; they do have lots of other Mieles though, some are cheaper.

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