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How do I go about finding the manufacturers of these shoes...????

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Branster Sat 11-Jun-05 19:40:25

I am trying to find a pair of summer mules/sandals, make Lima Collection, bought in Allders years ago. How can I find out who the manufacturers are?

Branster Sat 11-Jun-05 19:43:35

Trade & Industry Ministry? Would they have a website? Or is there a shoe manufacturers association?

Mud Sat 11-Jun-05 19:50:35

call allders and ask if they still stock andre lima ? (I googled)

LIZS Sat 11-Jun-05 19:56:15

Didn't Allders go into administration a while back ? Their Buying Offices were in Croydon but whether anyone there now would recollect it, I'm not sure. Could well have been a one-off brand name for them but if it was part of a concession business (shop within an Allders store) like Carvela, you may still find it in another branch of theirs.

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 11-Jun-05 20:00:45

Yeah, Allders has closed down now. They had a massive sale just before.

If Allders were still selling Lima Shoes before they closed, Lima will most likely have found somebody else to sell their shoes. Maybe Debenhams?

IME from working in shoe stores for years if there is a particular style that sells well a manufacturer will bring it out year after year but making slight alterations.

I'm searching for you though Branster.

flobbleflobble Sat 11-Jun-05 20:15:41

did you try googling?

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 11-Jun-05 20:18:33

I've just googled and couldn't find anything and double checked ebay and there was nothing there.

Were they exspensive Branster?

Branster Sat 11-Jun-05 21:44:39

thank you girls. i hope to find a lead on this. i did google lima collection and nothing comes up. there was just 1 pair of sandals (not the ones i'm after) the same make on ebay which pinotmum found earlier on my other thread but absolutely nothing else.

yes, allders don't exist anymore!

no, they weren't at all expensive. £15 and i kicked myself for not buying 2 pairs at the time. they were honestly the best ever sandals i ever wore in my entire life.

what to do?

mud - is andre lima the actual manufacturer?

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