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Go Go Hamster Playset - Where?

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Am I going to get one of these deluxe playsets before Christmas? I can't afford to pay ebay silly money. Its out of stock everyhwere and I've been looking for weeks.

popmum Wed 14-Oct-09 14:21:57

toys r us had it near me at the weekend

auntycam Wed 14-Oct-09 14:23:55


Beauregard Wed 14-Oct-09 14:24:28

I've had one ordered through Play for a while. Just been on the phone to them and they say they have no idea if/when they're getting stock.

No luck at Tesco or Toys R Us.

bubble2bubble Wed 14-Oct-09 17:57:31

Toysrus reckon they will have stock by end October
Argos will email or text you when they come in ( but don't know when that is )
Our local Toymaster said they might be in this week or in 4 weeks time
NoNE of this is probably very helpful but I'm on mission myself and if can get any for £10 I'm going to buy LOADS!

bubble2bubble Wed 14-Oct-09 18:14:05

meant to say £20

bubble2bubble Wed 14-Oct-09 18:26:07

then there's always if you want to pay £49.99 - though they do claim to have stock

bubble2bubble Wed 14-Oct-09 18:27:11

that was

Hulababy Wed 14-Oct-09 19:05:32

You can have my real hamster and fancy home if you like wink

7y DD asked about this toy. She has the real thing and ignores that!!! Why wuld she want a pretend one too.

I've been into Toys R Us today. One of the assistants did seem quite positive that they will have some before Xmas.

Saw one on ebay today with a buy it now price of £150!!!

bubble2bubble Fri 23-Oct-09 13:23:18

Argos have stock now for online delivery smile

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