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Night-time support pillow during pregnancy - recomendations please!

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bambipie Mon 12-Oct-09 08:37:05

Dream genii?

I've got really annoying lower back pain and want to get a pillow thing - but which is best. I am quite short and small (big tummy though!) if that makes a difference!


corblimeymadam Mon 12-Oct-09 08:44:08

Message withdrawn

bambipie Mon 12-Oct-09 08:46:29

Thank you, I seemed to be okay with pillows last time but this time everything is so much more uncomfortable!

SparkyToo Tue 13-Oct-09 22:58:16

Do you mean those long bendy pillow things? If so, I have no idea and can't help on that one as I didn't ever use one when pregnant. But though not pregnant right now I do have one of these back support pillows which has proved incredibly useful, very comfy and I still use it quite a lot.

scaryteacher Wed 14-Oct-09 09:01:54

I used a V pillow (curved one) which went under my bump and between my knees.

seeyounexttues Wed 14-Oct-09 09:17:49

My friend had one of these from Blooming marvellous. It was eventually used for about 5 pregnancies between friends.

Having the cushion both sides means you don't have re reorganise yourself if you want to turn over. DP may have to give you a bit more space though!

nicm Wed 14-Oct-09 10:29:26

i had the dream genii and loved it! i had lower back pain and found using it back to front iykwim was great, my back was totally supported. get one!

Pinkjenny Wed 14-Oct-09 10:31:46

I have a wedge-shaped pillow here which was kindly donated to me by the glorious largeginandtonic.

I would like to marry it.

Grumpla Sat 24-Oct-09 22:06:12

I was given a dream geni, it was great early on but about month 5 I felt like I needed more support so bought two big chunky down cushions off ebay (think they were ikea originally) and used them to balance my knees on as they were a bit sturdier. Then annexed a normal pillow from husband's side of bed to 'hug'. Then I got a wedge pillow for under the bump as well as the geni. By the end, husband had one pathetic pillow and about three inches of mattress left. I had 7 pillows and the rest of the bed. It was great. smile

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