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rok black kitchen sinks

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michellemcmanus Fri 10-Jun-05 10:39:59

any tips

michellemcmanus Fri 10-Jun-05 10:42:00


michellemcmanus Fri 10-Jun-05 10:42:22


michellemcmanus Fri 10-Jun-05 10:44:02

how woudl it cope wiht limescael
will the blak go white?

michellemcmanus Fri 10-Jun-05 10:46:03

oh help meeeeeeeeeeeeee

Enid Fri 10-Jun-05 10:47:21

you want a black one


we have a creamy Corian one (similar) and it gets 'well' (as the young say) manky with limescale

salis hard water too

Enid Fri 10-Jun-05 10:47:56

oh btw, michelle, can I have my trousers back that you borrowed?

michellemcmanus Fri 10-Jun-05 10:48:28

right as I thought
so what sort of wink shall I get

not stailnelss steel as that too will smear wont it?

Enid Fri 10-Jun-05 10:51:15

not stainless steel <<shudder>>

that astracast one looks really nice, but not black. ours looks identical it is a sort of flecky cream.


michellemcmanus Fri 10-Jun-05 10:52:39

Hmm well maybe do you think?

Enid Fri 10-Jun-05 10:54:25

I would get it

have stupidly ordered 'country living' style butchers sink for utility room and now it is here it is HUGE and looks stupid

Twiglett Fri 10-Jun-05 10:56:13

shit I really didn't think of limescale (and we live in london) and I have ordered a Franke graphite sink (close to black) ... I thought they would show less than the stainless steel sinks

Enid Fri 10-Jun-05 10:58:15


thats it, thats my kitchen sink

it is very nice but verrrrrrry oooooooold and has got quite manky with limescale although i really really try to keep it smooth

Twiglett Fri 10-Jun-05 10:58:31

got this one .. thought it would look nice against jet black granite

.. it isn't being delivered till next week though (shopped around online and seemed the cheapest HTH)

Enid Fri 10-Jun-05 10:58:59

well if mine was black it would look horrific by now, sorry twig. As it is cream the limescale doesnt show quite as much.

Twiglett Fri 10-Jun-05 10:59:25

will have to get that cillit bang stuff and use it I suppose

Kittypickle Fri 10-Jun-05 10:59:59

I had a black sink in our last house, we weren't there for very long as we moved, but it was a complete nightmare with the limescale and going white. I'm not going to have it again this time round.

Enid Fri 10-Jun-05 11:00:46

think mine must be Champagne colojur

Twiglett Fri 10-Jun-05 11:06:07

should I switch to white or stainless steel???

Twiglett Fri 10-Jun-05 11:07:44

quick help me choose

am panicing now arrrrggggghhhhhh

Twiglett Fri 10-Jun-05 11:08:42

click on colours what do you think of platinum??

the worktop is going to be black with shiny speckles in it (cosmos / star galaxy granite)

Twiglett Fri 10-Jun-05 11:10:32

or ivory??


oh god I've messed up haven't I?

Enid Fri 10-Jun-05 11:11:06

yes would think platinum better or even ivory (quite a contrast though) although friend has granite and bright white butlers sink and looks quite good

Kittypickle Fri 10-Jun-05 11:13:32

Yes, agree the platinum or ivory, but personally I would definitely avoid the black unless you are very into cleaning, which I definitely am not !

michellemcmanus Fri 10-Jun-05 12:54:00

shit what will I hav then white sink on balck work surface or go for stainless steel which ayt least you can clean

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