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clear visors on prams...what that all about?...aren't they ugly!

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jinglybits Thu 09-Jun-05 23:50:07

seeing clear panels on the front section of hoods of many new buggys...mothercare citilite, some maclarens... think they are really ugly! says they are sun visors but surely a clear plastic panel will heat up the area under it not keep it cool! am i not right?!

jessicasmummy Thu 09-Jun-05 23:52:02

i think they are supposed to be peep holes so you can see your child..... ive got one on my travel system and hate it!

jinglybits Fri 10-Jun-05 00:25:20

oh! i don't mean that panel at the back! sorry, not being very coherent tonight, what i mean is a whole part of the hood, like a plastic section the whole width of the hood at the front end of the hood attached to the fabric part....not being much clearer am i?!! oh just ignore me if you like, wish i could do links..if you looked at mothercares website and typed in 'citilite' for example then you would see one!

SaintGeorge Fri 10-Jun-05 00:32:33

Here .

Looks pretty useless to me.
Probably clear plastic is cheaper than fabric plus it looks gimmicky IYSWIM.

morocco Fri 10-Jun-05 00:35:37

but while we're on the topic - surely only another toddler could see their child through the visor on the back of most strollers? ds2 does like to sit backwards on his stroller peeping out through it though.

jinglybits Fri 10-Jun-05 12:06:20

true, by the time you bend and peer through that viewing panel you may as well have pocked your head over/around the hood!

lunarchick Fri 10-Jun-05 23:38:43

surely if they had something to do with de-flecting suns rays they would need to be tinted not clear? or am i wrong!

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