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baby einstein- any good?

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s13 Thu 09-Jun-05 21:41:57

my dd is 4.5 month and i thought about buying her the baby einstein dvds, just wondered what your thoughts are, or if they are just a good excuse for half hours peace without feeling guilty.

michellemcmanus Thu 09-Jun-05 21:42:28

Id say shes too young
but yes mine liked it
but hte eldest two manged fine wwithout them

Antoinette Thu 09-Jun-05 21:51:48

Baby Einstein dvd's were a godsend to me!! My daughter has been watching them since she was 4 months old, she is 10 months now and still loves them. I dont know what it is about them but she sits and watches them with interest for ages. She paticulary like "Baby Mozart". I got a brill deal on ebay. Got the whole set of 10 dvds for £9.99.

snafu Thu 09-Jun-05 21:53:15

Yep, mine loved/loves them. But he didn't get first one until about 7 months.

Don't feel guilty, it's a slippery slope.

s13 Thu 09-Jun-05 21:54:46

thanks will look on ebay for any good deals

Carameli Fri 10-Jun-05 20:08:08

I am also another ebay buyer, the dvds are great, my daughter is now 20mths and still loves them, especially the animal ones. Definitely a good buy, I started with the music ones when she was really small and certainly got a reaction.

AnnaK Tue 14-Jun-05 13:59:21

Baby Einstein didn't hold my ds's interest but Baby Bright did. The difference is that Baby Bright is a continuous cartoon, whereas Baby Einstein (as far as I can make out) is a series of different puppets, animals, cartoons etc. for variety. A godsend for me as ds required my attention for 24 hours a day. Watching the video gave me 37 minutes peace in which to do all my chores!

Cooperoo Tue 14-Jun-05 14:41:12

Yes definately good. I think they are targetted quite cleverly. As someone else said the first ones are a series of film clips of toys with music and you think how dull but they really worked for my dd. She loved Baby Mozart and Beethoven when she was under 1 and loves the Neighbourhood Animals one too now she is older. Get them from ebay though as they are v expensive otherwise. I was lucky and got ours as presents.

hunkermunker Tue 14-Jun-05 14:43:07

DS MUCH prefers Baby Bright (we got 1 & 2 on DVD from M&S for £12) - some bits of the Baby Einsteins make him cry! Then he clings to me and watches from behind my arm! Mad little wuss that he is (said v tenderly, you understand ).

snafu Tue 14-Jun-05 14:58:35

LOl Hunker - we did have to get rid of Baby Bach because ds would always leap 6 feet in the air and start crying when it got to the bit where a mouse pops out of a lump of Emmenthal...scary stuff

hunkermunker Tue 14-Jun-05 15:17:09

I find the puppets a bit creepy on Baby Einstein too. Am also a wuss. With your DD on the scary mouse, Snafu!

Matonic Tue 14-Jun-05 15:18:24

DS took no notice of Baby Einstein whatsoever.

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