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Microwave ovens get one, avoid, which one....?

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FlyMeToDunoon Wed 07-Oct-09 18:46:59

I have always been slightly suspicious of microwaves and DP is definitly against but there do seem to be reasons to get one.
I like porridge but don't have time in the morning and hate washing the pans.
DP often has reheated left overs when he gets in late.
I could do DDs soup for packed lunches quicker?
I could make the MN chocolate cake in a mug grin

Or are those stupid reasons?

If I was to get one it would have to be cheap and I wouldn't want one that does fancy grilling or anything so what should I be considering and anyone positively recommend any?
What are the sainsbury's basics ones like?

mindalina Wed 07-Oct-09 18:53:36

We've had a Tesco value one for about four shock years now and it's fine, easy to use and all that. So I guess Sainsbury's basic one will be pretty much the same

My personal preference is for one with a digital timer. Otherwise if you want to do a short reheat, it's hard to get the timings right. I often want to perk up a tepid cup of tea of coffee with a 30 second burst and that's a lot easier to do with a digital timer.

FlyMeToDunoon Wed 07-Oct-09 19:19:49

Like the nickname Cruel.
Ok so we may be on.

Montifer Wed 07-Oct-09 19:24:07

IMHO worth getting for porridge alone!

2 mins in a pyrex dish, quick stir, another 1-2 mins and it's done. Leave the cooking bowl with cold water in whilst you eat porridge and it rinses clean really easily.

We only use ours for porridge and reheating stuff so don't have any experience of the more sophisticated uses.

I agree about having a digital timer or quick start button.

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