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Can anyone reccomend a good

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hayleylou Thu 09-Jun-05 14:58:38

Car seat for a 1 year old to keep at parents for occisional use. Do not to spend loads but needs to be safe. I was looking at the Britax Cruiser but has anyone else got any ideas

GaylordFocker Thu 09-Jun-05 15:01:58

Mothercare range is good. We got a car seat that faces backwardsie. the baby isn't facing the front of the car and also has a handle for carrying out of the car. Ours slept in it, rocked it it, ate in it before they could get into a highchair. Was about £40 in mid 90's, can't remember the make but it was like a rocker with a handle and removable washable covers.

jamiesam Thu 09-Jun-05 15:12:43

Try the Which magazines for a recommendation? You can see them for free at any (central)library. Recent report on the radio questioned safety standards of many car seats. We have two Britax for our ds's but can't remember which one (and same manufacturer can get very different scores for different car seat styles)

hayleylou Thu 09-Jun-05 15:19:00

Thanks for that, the only priblem is I am living abroad so I need to order online. I am coming back to UK soon for a few months so mum will need it when we get to the airport!

jamiesam Thu 09-Jun-05 23:19:43

Dh reminds me that it's the Britax Renaissance that we got - didn't score the best on Which but a good fit for our boys (from 12mths to 4yrs) - some of the ones that we tried based on Which were appalling fit for the boys - seatbelt across face etc. However, that's not very helpful for you, given you have no chance to check the fit - err, can your Mum check returns policy whereever she buys just in case???

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