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Anyone got a good link for a cheapish, smallish, sofabed / Futon???

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Tessiebear Thu 09-Jun-05 13:58:56

Looking for something for the Nursery that i can sit and feed baby on and (if i am having a bad night with baby) open up and sleep on.
The room isnt massive so i dont want anything too big - any ideas or links anyone????

Toothache Thu 09-Jun-05 14:01:26

Tessiebear - I bought a foam one for that very purpose! And it was quite comfortable, plus it was so low down I never worried about dd rolling out. It doesn't have a frame, it's just really a mattress that folds back into a sofa! You can get them for about £60 in Argos. Then when you don't need it anymore it can be stuffed up the loft or in the garage.

tassis Thu 09-Jun-05 14:04:02

We have a John Lewis futon that's great and is actually comfortable as both a sofa and a bed. It's not that low either unlike some futons.

Don't think it was very cheap thoough...

Tessiebear Thu 09-Jun-05 14:09:18

That sound like just what i am looking for Toothache - will check the Argos Website

Toothache Thu 09-Jun-05 14:11:44

Try here

Looked at Argos... and it wasn't there... but found loads at this site.

Tessiebear Thu 09-Jun-05 14:25:56

Thanks for that Toothache - just what i am looking for!!!

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