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Recommendations for a facial sunblock, please!

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frogs Thu 09-Jun-05 10:59:37

Factor 20+, prefererably not too thick and greasy. Atm I'm using the kids' sunscreen lotion -- there has to be a better way?!

motherinferior Thu 09-Jun-05 11:14:46

I'm using the Johnson's one as a general moisturiser atm, and it's pretty OK - and it's not water-resistant as somehow that felt a bit odd to wear as a general thing IYSWIM. Nivea seems to have discontinued the lovely one it did last year.

WideWebWitch Thu 09-Jun-05 11:16:44

I use Jason's organic factor 40 I think, it's ok, seems to soak in ok on my face although it does make me look paler than usual, but is ok 5 mins after application. It was from Fresh and Wild and is a kids' one but I use it too.

hoxtonchick Thu 09-Jun-05 11:17:47

neal's yard do a yummy lavender one, factor 22 i think.

SoupDragon Thu 09-Jun-05 11:18:43

Good old Boots Soltan is good and has a high UVA screen in it. Inexpensive (often on BOGOF) and does the trick. The kids one is good actually - high factor and not like whale grease at all

frogs Thu 09-Jun-05 11:45:39

Oooh, Neal's Yard sounds good. Covent Garden, here I come!

Thanks everyone.

acnebride Thu 09-Jun-05 11:45:59

When I had cash I used Clinique, but you really do pay a lot for a teeny tube. Nice though.

Now I use the Soltan kids 25 which has a nice orangey smell but doesn't make me look orange.

Sonnet Thu 09-Jun-05 11:49:30

I use a clarins factor 30 facial sunblock - it is great, not too greasy.

frogs Thu 09-Jun-05 11:55:47

Ah, I didn't know Clarins did a factor 30 -- I've had their factor 15, but felt I needed one with a higher factor. Will check it out.

Fran1 Thu 09-Jun-05 12:32:41

Clinique do a city block, which is slightly tinted so gives you a nice complexion also! i think its factor 25.

hoxtonchick Thu 09-Jun-05 13:40:00

that's the kind of reasoning that gets me into all kinds of trouble frogs - ooh, i'll just go to neal's yard, & while i'm here have a quick browse in the shoe shops.... let me know if you want (very waddling) company on a monday or thursday as i'm now officially a woman of leisure.

frogs Thu 09-Jun-05 13:51:26

Okay, next stupid question -- where does all this stuff live in a normal chemists shop? I've just been to Superdrug, and face creamy things live in the skincare section, suncreamy things live in the suncare section. But there was no overlap -- ie. no sunblock products in the moisturiser section, while the suncare section was all industrial-strength for bodies, no facial range.

Am I missing something?

motherinferior Thu 09-Jun-05 14:15:34

It should be with the sunblock stuff. Try Boots.

frogs Thu 09-Jun-05 14:25:52

I obviously need a posher branch of Boots than the one in E8!

Yet another excuse to hit the West End. Actually, hc, I was going to trawl the shoe shops anyway while in Covent Garden, as I need to organise a pair of reasonably attractive shoes for my dd1 who (bless her) now has adult size 6. Yikes. She was so overcome with horror at what was available by way of school shoes in her size that I've promised to take her to Camper and Dr. Martens. Expensive, but I'm hoping it will encourage her to develop a fashion sense which doesn't involve looking as if she's just been pulled out of a skip.

motherinferior Thu 09-Jun-05 14:27:57

Ah, you see, Catford is so much more civilised. Try big supermarkets too.

hoxtonchick Thu 09-Jun-05 17:21:47

oooh, get her into camper at a young age!

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