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best DVDs for 3 year old / best books on CD for 3 year old

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Hoppity Sun 04-Oct-09 13:41:46

got no access to CBeebies, so completely out of the loop re. DVDs for Toddlers (aged 3+)

Got ITNG and Maisie....anything else that is:
-not highly irritating to grown ups?

Do the baby Einstein ones go beyond babyhood?
Would love some numbers / letters type stuff as well as gentle stories (per ITNG)

Idem for books on CD for long car journeys. We have "This is the bear", "lost and found" and "Going on a bear hunt"...not mad on any of them. Oh and we've got "Albert Le Blanc" read by David Jason.

Any ideas?

DLI Sun 04-Oct-09 14:56:57

little einsteins are educational as classical music is played through them, my ds loves them.

For fun i would say kids are into Handy Manny (not educational though)Lazy Town tells kids they have to eat fruit and veg (again not educational), Balamory, something special (not sure if there are any dvds with this on though)

These are probably the less irritating programmes

Cbeebies have done various dvd's themselves and have lots of different programmes on,

Weegle Sun 04-Oct-09 14:59:51

DS loves Sesame St - he's got Count with Me and ABC, both of which are 'educational', but he just loves the songs and the muppets

He also has Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs on CD which he adores. And the Beatrix Potter stories... although he prefers me reading them!

teamcullen Sun 04-Oct-09 15:48:47

CDs my DS had-

Hairy Maclary

The Gruffilo
The snail and the whale
Room on a broom
Any other Julia donaldson book

Shirly Hughes books about Alfie

MrsJohnDeere Mon 05-Oct-09 14:02:22

Tractor Ted. Even I like watching those and have leant a lot. Autumn one is best imho, particularly if your dc likes tractors and machines.

MrsJohnDeere Mon 05-Oct-09 14:03:00

learnt blush

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