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Empress Wed 08-Jun-05 20:47:39

Hi Anyone recommend a scooter for a 7yo girl? She wants one of those silvery ones, but I've heard they're quite hard to ride on. She doesnt want a 'babyish' pink/Barbie one.Haven't done rekkie to argos or anywhere yet, just wondered if there are any Scooter Experts out there who could get me started!

misdee Wed 08-Jun-05 20:53:43

girl at dd1 school rides a silver small one to school, and she is only 5. she wont learn if she doesnt practise

nutcracker Wed 08-Jun-05 21:06:10

Empress my 5 yr old dd2 has had one of those silver scooters since she was 4 and she whizzez around that fast on it that I have to ban her occasionally.

One of those would be fine for a 7 yr old imo.

My dd1 also has one and she is 7.

Pinotmum Wed 08-Jun-05 21:08:32

We bought dd one of those for her 4th birthday as she is quite tall. She is quite OK on it now but took some practice. I would think a 7yo would be fine. They are great cos they fold up and you can carry them.

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