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Ipod second generation shuffle ...anyone know where I can get one from?

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PlonkerCandleInAPumpkin Sat 03-Oct-09 09:31:36

As title says really.

I don't really want to fork out for one of the new shuffles if I can get one of the older sorts instead.

In the Tesco directory it says they have them for £31 and yet I can't find it on the website. Similarly they are on the Argos website for £31 but are sold out absolutely everywhere in this area.

Any other ideas?


PlonkerCandleInAPumpkin Sat 03-Oct-09 14:56:48


PlonkerCandleInAPumpkin Sun 04-Oct-09 16:41:04

bump again

WebDude Sun 04-Oct-09 20:06:22

Have you checked Ebay ?

WebDude Sun 04-Oct-09 22:02:44

Or can you get a refurbished one from Apple?

PlonkerCandleInAPumpkin Sun 04-Oct-09 22:22:38

I don't really want to buy off ebay as I've been stung a few times with goods that have been brand new and then stop working after a week. Of course then I've got no receipt of purchase hmm
All in all I'm a little reluctant to go down that route.

Haven't thought about a refurbished one ...will look into that - thanks smile

WebDude Sun 04-Oct-09 23:06:26

Saw a pink one, cost 25 quid, but out of stock, unfortunately, and it didn't say what generation it was (however, you might know from the colour) - I only have a s/h G3 iMac off Ebay and don't have an ipod anything, though might be tempted to get an iPod Touch one day...

For anyone who doesn't know, the iPod Touch is like an iPhone without the mobile phone facility, so with a wi-fi link could be used to browse or check e-mail while sat in a cafe or relaxing in back garden with a long cool drink (if we ever get a good long summer again)...

WebDude Sun 04-Oct-09 23:07:27

(The 25 quid included delivery from Apple - don't know if it included VAT though.)

PlonkerCandleInAPumpkin Mon 05-Oct-09 22:08:43

Thanks webdude smile

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