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Balance bike for 6-7 year old

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alysonpeaches Thu 01-Oct-09 22:27:13

I have just bought a balance bike for our 3 year old and she loves it, she got her balance straight away.

Her brother who has autism has been unable to ride a bike up to now, but took to his sisters wooden balance bike straight away.

I am tempted to buy him one of his own in boys colours (hers is pink trim) but I wondered if they made one for the slightly larger child. Has anyone seen one? His sisters is suitable for 2-6 years apparently, although it will adjust to make seat higher.

MollieO Thu 01-Oct-09 22:35:26

No idea whether they do bigger wooden bikes but couldn't you just take the pedals off a normal bike? That is what the bike shop suggested to us.

silverfrog Thu 01-Oct-09 22:39:14

I looked into this recently, as wanted one for dd1 (also ASD)

it was complpicated in dd1's case by the fact that I wanted a trike for her, as she has only just started to get the hang of those, let alone anything 2 wheeled... dd1 is a tall 5 yr old.

we got her this one in the end. it is apparently one of the larger balance bikes on the market, and is very adjustable. it still fits dd1 well, and I reckon she'll get a couiple fo years out of it.

SameAsYou Thu 01-Oct-09 22:42:57

I have bought the balance bike or trainer bike from Argos that says from age 3. The reviews did say that it is quite high so could be suitable.

Sorry can't send a link but Argos say essential work on the website - also mine is still boxed (waiting for Santa to deliver!) so can't confirm it

Its not wooden though - hope it helps

alysonpeaches Thu 01-Oct-09 23:17:38

It looks like Argos have sold out of the balance bike, it was reduced, and now says out of stock. I keep getting the essential work on website too. Probably taking reductions off! Its not in their new catalogue either.

The wishbone one, when adjusted into a bike looks pretty much like the one we have for DD but ours only goes to 42cm. So might get another couple of inches out of it. Looking for the cheapest option as I dont think he will use it for long once he gets the hang of balance.

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