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gift ideas for 2 children going to live in India for 2 years

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Cha Wed 08-Jun-05 15:57:21

My best friend has got a teaching job in a big boarding school in Kerela, Southern India and is going for 2 years, taking her 2 kids with her. I would like to get them something to take with them that will be any of these things - interesting, fun, educational(?) about India, and pref not too big or heavy as they already have a tonne of luggage. The eldest is a girl, 10 years old who reads and reads and reads (a book a day) but apart from that is a normal 10 year old girl - girlfriends (who she will miss), parties, glitter, clothes etc. The boy is nearly 7 but a very young seven (still wets the bed and his pants - not fun as he will probably be in a dormitory with others...), he is very physical and loves football, knights, jigsaws and running about. Fairly normal kids I believe. Can anyone help?

SueW Wed 08-Jun-05 16:18:24

When we moved to Australia, assuming for one year but could have been longer, we were given quite a few presents and I felt obliged to take them although I had luggage-a-plenty already.

What we really loved (and still treasure to this day, 4 years later) are the letters that were sent to us whilst we were out there. DD's school, to which we hoped she would return, kept in touch. We sent them photos and stories about what she was up to and they sent us pictures drawn by the children of what they thought her life was like, having seen the photos. We sent them a book; it's still in the school library and was read out in assembly earlier this year.

So I wouldn't worry about things for them to take with them, but think of them lots whilst they are out there and make sure they know it (and your friend too!)

kama Wed 08-Jun-05 16:41:40

Message withdrawn

gingerbear Wed 08-Jun-05 16:49:27

How about a small pack of gifts that they can share with children they make friends with in India. Eg craft things, small board games.

A map of India, blow up beachball globe -like the one Michael Palin used to take on his travels,Stuff on Hindu gods and legends - might appeal to a knight loving boy.

Pam70 Wed 08-Jun-05 17:19:24

A year's subscription to a magazine in the UK? The equivalent of Jackie or whatever it is 10 year old girls read today?

They're going to be living in India for 2 years after all and will have hands on experience of the country but will probably miss stuff from home.

Carameli Thu 09-Jun-05 13:09:32

I would also agree with the magazine subscripton for the girl definitely and don't know if you can do it for boys comics etc?
I used to live abroad and I know my friend who moved the with two girls of 10 and 12 found they really missed being able to get their favourite magazines/comics.

Cha Sat 11-Jun-05 08:21:12

What fabulous ideas. Will def ask her mum about what comics they read, that's a great idea.
Will be emailing but my kids are too little to write (or even draw) but we can send pictures I'm sure.

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