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i never knew argos sold these...

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misdee Wed 08-Jun-05 14:10:31

a must have item

Gwenick Wed 08-Jun-05 14:11:19


fastasleep Wed 08-Jun-05 14:11:30

NEVA! As a chav would say.. PMSL!

How did you find them by the way Misdee

kama Wed 08-Jun-05 14:12:20

Message withdrawn

misdee Wed 08-Jun-05 14:12:26

link from another site.

Hausfrau Wed 08-Jun-05 14:12:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fastasleep Wed 08-Jun-05 14:12:55

What I like cheese and onion pasties!

Xena Wed 08-Jun-05 14:14:08


Carla Wed 08-Jun-05 14:16:41

Good grief, that's outrageous. I shall email forthwith.

sparklymieow Wed 08-Jun-05 21:22:34


GaylordFocker Wed 08-Jun-05 21:24:41

this is the best thread, I mean.

Pruni Wed 08-Jun-05 21:25:15

Message withdrawn

misdee Wed 08-Jun-05 21:27:33

'When you shag your bird, make sure you're "innit!" '

ScrewballMuppet Wed 08-Jun-05 21:27:58

Nooooooooooooooooooo never omw

it can't be argos

don't know if I'm more shocked at argos or that burberry condoms exist

It's got to be a joke init?

misdee Wed 08-Jun-05 21:28:30


helsi Wed 08-Jun-05 21:29:32


as I'm ttc wouldn't be much use though ATM

madmarchhare Wed 08-Jun-05 21:30:42


Tissy Wed 08-Jun-05 21:31:29

must be a wind-up!

pixiefish Wed 08-Jun-05 21:36:13

it is a wind up- someone called bill harbison- very good though

pixiefish Wed 08-Jun-05 21:38:45

also from his site-do they do these for blokes i wonder lol

Hulababy Wed 08-Jun-05 21:41:09


Hulababy Wed 08-Jun-05 21:42:19

screwballmuppet - look at the web address - it isn't really argos's website, honest.

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