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Swaddling blankets recommendation needed

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pootle09 Wed 30-Sep-09 21:57:57

I tried swaddling last time but it wasn't very successful. I was using mothercare flatsheets - the moses basket ones were too small and the cot sized ones were too big, and being oblong they were pretty much the wrong shape.

I thought I'd buy some proper swaddling blankets this time round. Can you recommend any?

pootle09 Wed 30-Sep-09 21:58:30

Not sure why I put this in pregnancy, meant to put it in products!

pootle09 Wed 30-Sep-09 22:03:26

Oh, honestly, and I meant to put that last message in pregnancy! Just ignore me. I'm an idiot. A bloody idiot.

PurpleEglu Wed 30-Sep-09 22:08:47

The kiddopotamus ones are great.

They were excellent for DS2.

Seona1973 Wed 30-Sep-09 22:18:38

I liked the grobag ones

sazm Wed 30-Sep-09 23:19:35

i had a kiddopotamus one too,it was only about £8 new on ebay,it was FAB,

LeninGrad Wed 30-Sep-09 23:45:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

trixymalixy Thu 01-Oct-09 00:02:35

kiddopotamus are great. I really didn't get along with the grobag ones, the lack of velcro meant that DS was out of it in 2 seconds flat!

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