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Recommendations for growing up/sex ed book

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fairimum Tue 29-Sep-09 20:03:15

Looking for growing up/sex ed book for 9-10 year old boy with lots of questions about condoms, relationships, sex etc - not my son but I am the nanny, family are very open and we all discuss some stuff but I mentioned to him and them about getting a book he can refer to if not appropiate to chat/doesnt want to ask etc - I remember I had an osbourne one I think that covered everything about puberty, materbation, sex, babies etc - just wondered if anyone had an recommendations!!

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 29-Sep-09 20:07:48

Don't know answer but would love to hear from others on this too. My son is currently 10, soon to be 11 and we haven't discussed anything yet - he doesn't like conversations like that!!!


Elk Tue 29-Sep-09 20:13:09

I like the Usborne ones, they do one called Growing Up which covers both boys and girls and then separate ones called What's happening to me? They are both very informative. Growing up is more technical and probably aimed at a slightly older audience than the What's Happening book.

MrsMuddle Tue 29-Sep-09 20:58:35

I had one called "Let's Talk About Sex" (I think) and it seemed to cover everything. I gave it to my DSs when they were about 10 and 11, and it was age-appropriate - slighly cartoony, but good explanations.

julienoshoes Thu 01-Oct-09 09:31:10

I agree 'Let's Talk About Sex is a great book.
Humerous but accurate.
Made it easy to talk to my lot, didn't embarress them either and they were happy to take it away and read more for themselves.

Open, thorough and reassuring, Let's Talk About Sex gives the facts - biological and psychological - about sex: from puberty and conception to birth control and AIDS, including sections on the body, families and babies, and sexual health. The book's serious and educational matter is presented in a very readable form, with amusing, but always accurate, cartoon illustrations. "

Customer rating-5 stars.

wilbur Thu 01-Oct-09 09:36:01

Ditto Let's Talk About Sex - I have it for ds1 (almost 9). I was slightly shock when I first got it at the sections about AIDS and so on, but I think that says more about my upbringing than anything else! Plus, I guess it is better for kids to know young so that they accept the precautions that have to be taken.

wilbur Thu 01-Oct-09 09:39:42

Ooh, sorry, actually, I have Let's Talk About Where Babies Come From. I think it covers most of the same ground, but is aimed at slightly younger children - 8-12 rather than pre-teens and teenagers.

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