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Are slings really safe ?

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MamanFlo Tue 07-Jun-05 11:37:54

Hi mums !

I just bought a huggababy sling, tried it in the shop and it seemed fine. However, the leaflet in it says that I should always make sure that the baby is securely in the sling, and they sell a safety harness too....

I was wondering if any of you had had a scare or even an accident (baby falling etc...) with a sling...I was already worried with my baby bjorn (but it is soooo uncomfortable, I had to change) I am getting more worried.

thanks for your replies !


Sponge Tue 07-Jun-05 11:40:33

We had both of ours in a baby Bjorn with no problems at all. Never had any feeling that it was unsafe. As long as it's done up properly you should be fine.

zebraZ Tue 07-Jun-05 11:52:16

Technically a baby bjorn isn't a sling, it's a front carrier. i couldn't get on with a Maya pouch (sling), but agree, it didn't feel safe to me....

If baby bjorn isn't done up tightly enough or if baby is very small with old-style baby bjorns they can slip thru the gaps at the sides of the baby bjorn.

tarantula Tue 07-Jun-05 12:11:29

Never had a problem with mine. I had a Maya sling to begin with but the rind dug into my shoulder so I made one myself in the end. Dd always seemed safe in it and loved it very much. DD is starting to go through a carry me phase so Ill have to get it out again cos its easier than carrying her in my arms.

bensmum3 Tue 07-Jun-05 20:20:11

I have the irish equivalent to the huggababy,which I've just put up for sale as ds is just too big now at nearly 2, and it was just perfect , ds went to sleep very easily in it, I have never had an occasion to be worried abut him falling out,used to transfer from boat to boat with him in it, although when climbing fences or leaning over I do tend to put my arm around him, (just for my peace of mind). I really enjoyed using my sling and still use my ergo nearly every day, hope you're able to relax and enjoy yours too.

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