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Towelling ponchos for after swimming ?

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Emmalou Wed 21-May-03 15:40:26

I am looking for some towelling ponchos for children to put on after swimming. I've seen some in maman jo bebe but they seem a bit expensive and not very interesting - anyone know of another source, preferably on the internet ? Thanks.

Jaybee Wed 21-May-03 16:06:35

Here's a few site addresses - having problems with the links (can you only do one link per message???
One here //
A Dalmation one here
Another one here A Tellytubby one here
Worth a Google - just put in swim poncho

maryz Wed 21-May-03 19:56:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SimonHoward Thu 22-May-03 07:47:27

There is a brand of them I believe called Towcho's that were around £10 each including a carry case for them.

They did have a website, just do a search for the name and it should come up.

Bron Thu 22-May-03 10:02:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

splittieblue Mon 20-Jul-09 14:57:15

Message withdrawn

trixymalixy Mon 20-Jul-09 15:36:09

IKEA have some good cheap ones.

Hangingbellyofbabylon Mon 20-Jul-09 15:38:12

Primark have them for about £2.50 at the moment, nice quality too. I've also seen lovely ones at toys r us as well if you want on-line, they even had cute baby sized ones.

Pingpong Mon 20-Jul-09 15:39:38

boots do them - mini mode.

HeadFairy Mon 20-Jul-09 15:40:08

We have a Jojo one and it's actually quite hard to get ds in to it, despite the fact that it's meant to slip over his head. the arm holes are quite tight and it's a bit of a struggle. Go for one that's got a bit of stretch in it. The towelling in the jojo one is quite thick and doesn't stretch much at all.

smee Mon 20-Jul-09 15:44:13

I saw some in John Lewis yesterday. Didn't check the price as we've already got one. Our one was a present, so I haven't a clue how much, but it's from Habitat - it's a funky bright orange colour and DS loves it.

Pollyanna Mon 20-Jul-09 15:47:27

I had some cheap ones from La redoute last year - not sure if they're doing them this year. They were more robes than ponchos - but I prefer these anyway.

LadyPinkofPinkerton Mon 20-Jul-09 15:49:56

SemiChem or sainsburys sometimes have them

random Mon 20-Jul-09 15:55:10

some here

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