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Towelling hooded tops needed for holiday

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Emmalou Wed 21-May-03 15:38:32

I am looking for some towelling ponchos for children to put on after swimming. I've seen some in maman jo bebe but they seem a bit expensive and not very interesting - anyone know of another source, preferably on the internet ? Thanks.

roberta Wed 21-May-03 15:53:47

Boden have lovely stripey ones - again expensive but very nice. Try

elliott Wed 21-May-03 16:16:17

I'm not sure I could bring myself to buy Boden after reading (badmamma's!) article in G2.

RockingRosebud Wed 21-May-03 16:18:58

MIS have them for £10 with a hood but they wrap round.

Could you make them? My DD has one made by Christy bought in the House of Fraser sale.

ghengis Wed 21-May-03 16:59:35

What was that about Elliott?

elliott Wed 21-May-03 17:06:53

Just that - there was an article about Boden (an interview with the boss) in the Guardian a few days ago. Basically he sounds like a reactionary right winger with a nice line in neanderthal attitudes to women...(but that's my interpretation - sure you could find the article on their website and form your own opinion if you wanted!)

elliott Wed 21-May-03 17:08:14

I apologise for taking this totally off topic - actually looked at the thread because I was indeed thinking about getting a hooded towelling top for ds...

Enid Wed 21-May-03 17:16:43

I agree, he sounded like a complete turkey and I threw my Boden kids catalogue straight in the recylcling bin this morning without even opening it.

My friend has a Towcho (?) and says its fab.

Enid Wed 21-May-03 17:18:40

And also, if Boden is really worth that much (was it £42 million??), how come they have such absurdly large sales with everything reduced by such a large percentage??

bells2 Wed 21-May-03 17:33:16

I was amused to see that the chap who used to sit opposite me at work has emerged as a model in the latest catalogue, including swimwear.

JJ Wed 21-May-03 19:58:10

Oooh, Bells, was he a moo-er? If so, let the games begin.

(Um, when I read that thread I always thought you wouldn't be traumatized. Annoyed, yes; upset, no. Dunno if that was the case.. just how I imagined it.)

JJ Wed 21-May-03 20:00:50

Enid, because maybe 10% of the stuff actually gets delivered. Blah to Boden sales (says someone who still tries)!

Gilli Wed 21-May-03 22:04:02

Sorry everyone, but my friend Mitty James ( has started a whole mail order business based around the towelling ponchos she wore as a child (and kept!). Her business did really well last year, and surprise surprise there are now exact copies in other famous mail order catalogues this year. Mitty's aren't cheap, but they are worth a look.Because she's a small business, though, I guess she'll get swamped by the big boys in the end.

poppyloppy Wed 21-May-03 22:18:23

Oh Gilli, yes Mitty James ponchos etc are lovely, and remind me so much of my childhood, but they are expensive and I personally dont feel I can justify the expense (much that I want to - she does big ones too now, doesnt she? Matching mummy and girlie ones). Mmm, maybe I'll just go for it.

SueW Wed 21-May-03 22:43:36

I've been throwing my Boden catalogues away for ages. I can't even see anything I like in them. I keep getting those silly cards in them about not having ordered etc. I thought I'd sent one back saying 'Never darken my door again' or similar but either I didn't send it or they haven't taken any notice.

Not ponchos but Mothercare apparently have towelling robes on buy one get one half price (so £15 for two according to a friend).

SofiaAmes Thu 22-May-03 00:48:45

I'm sure I saw some really cute and really cheap ones in Primark a week or two ago.

bells2 Thu 22-May-03 08:49:30

Oh no JJ, he wasn't a moo-er, just a very sweet public school boy called Caspar. Actually I wasn't particularly annoyed or upset by the mooing. I had always held the view that the majority of my male colleagues are rather dim, emotionally retarded and essentially ridiculous and it just served to confirm it!.

grommit Thu 22-May-03 08:54:58

I bought a lovely one in Gymboree

SueW Thu 22-May-03 09:32:12

Nice one bells

sis Thu 22-May-03 20:48:01

Ds has a towcho and it is great - more importantly, he loves it - although it would be even better if they were hooded. I think the towcho was about £10 and SimonHoward has said elsewhere that their website is at

edgarcat Thu 22-May-03 20:48:26

Message withdrawn

XAusted Thu 22-May-03 21:13:57

Saw some recently in a Dunelm mill shop. Can't remember price but Dunelm is usually reasonable.

Gilli Thu 22-May-03 23:16:38

Just adding to my earlier post about Mitty james and her towelling ponchos - apparantly she was asked to provide Boden with some samples as a prospective supplier and then guess what happened!

SueW Fri 23-May-03 00:29:42

Oh so that's Mitty James. I got one of their catalogues through, I'm sure. Not sure how they got my name and address since I'm on the mail preference service but I was curious to have a look so didn't return to sender with a snotty message like I usually do.

Couldn't make up my mind whether I loved or hated the dresses. My mum makes most of DD's clothes and she is a fantastic seamstress as well as a brilliant knitter so I suppose I'm spoilt (or DD is. Mum won't make me anything cos she bought me a sewing machine for my birthday about 15 years ago and thinks I should use it more).

carriemac Fri 23-May-03 10:26:49

Mothercare have ones for £10, and if u want to splurge i think i saw some in gap

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