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M&P freestyler/buggyboard

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myermay Mon 06-Jun-05 18:34:13

Message withdrawn

chicagomum Tue 07-Jun-05 03:32:42

we didn't buy a double buggy as our 3.5 dd won't sit in it either , instead of the "buggy board" we've bought the "seat-to-go" from litaf. it is a 2 step board (actually the top step is a seat) so th e child can stand on the bottom step facing the direction of travel or sit on the top step facing the pushers legs (does that make sense?). When you are putting the pushchair in the lying position they can only use the standing step (but that's the same as a traditional buggy board) but once the second child is older (ours is 5 months now) you can put them more upright and use the top step. One slight prob, i initially found i was hitting my shins on the bottom step when walking but nowadays i seem to have adjusted my step so its ok. I can't remember the web site but if you do a google search for litaf you should find it (i think its just and i don't think its avaliable in shops either. if you can't find it post again and i'll see if i can find the receipt

myermay Tue 07-Jun-05 09:54:40

Message withdrawn

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