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toasters - come and tell me about Lakeland, Krup or Dualit... or Kenwood?

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NumptyMum Mon 21-Sep-09 22:17:10

OK, I hate our toaster. But then it did only cost around £5 from Woolworths.

We only want to do toast, and do it so that both sides of toast are brown, and are the same brown the whole side - unlike our current diagonal variations on a theme of burnt/white.

Anyway, we're thinking about getting a new one - and never having spent much on a toaster at first I was thinking of the Lakeland one (£25). DH, having looked into it, says Krup (£45) is a Which Best Buy. Then on Mumsnet I see Dualit is often recommended (though I've see mixed reviews for the cheaper ones, and I'm a bit shock over the prices of the others). And now I've just spotted this Kenwood one, which is £££ more than the Krup, but gets good reviews - AAARGH. This is why we've kept our £5 toaster for so long!

So please, anyone who has actual experience of these toasters, please tell me why you love them or hate them? Pretty please?

NumptyMum Mon 21-Sep-09 22:36:32

oh - and we have a tiny galley kitchen, so no hulking great square toasters for us!

moondog Mon 21-Sep-09 22:38:29

I like my Dualit. No, damnit, I love it.
It's attractive, and makes good toast.
What more could i want?

NumptyMum Tue 22-Sep-09 14:25:48

Hi Moondog - I'm not sure we can afford the good Dualits - seem to start at £99 and I've seen poor reviews of the cheaper ones. Also are they quite big? I might be persuaded on Dualit, if size is OK for our kitchen... and if they really DO last for years and make good toast!

moondog Tue 22-Sep-09 14:36:23

Yes, bloody expensive, but as i had lived with only grillpan in over for years, felt i coudl justify it.

jennifersofia Tue 22-Sep-09 14:37:44

We have 3 slice dualit - love it. Gets used every day, family of 5, still looks great and works great (2yrs old). We aren't loaded but think it was worth the investment. Still get pleasure out of it just looking at it! (and our kitchen is small!)
Happy toasting

NumptyMum Tue 22-Sep-09 19:13:32

Does anyone have experience of Krup? Or Lakeland? Or even John Lewis own toasters (has 3yr guarantee, which i like!)...?

(Come to think of it, would anyone actually admit to having a Krup Toaster? Not the best brandname...)

NumptyMum Tue 22-Sep-09 19:34:12


charis Tue 22-Sep-09 19:41:47

I have a kitchenaid toaster. It is fabulous. We had a dualit but chucked it out as it dried the bread rather than toasting it.

bodeniites Tue 22-Sep-09 20:04:19

£5 tesco value toaster brilliant

Hormonesnomore Tue 22-Sep-09 20:05:33

I have a 4 slice Dualit which I bought because I liked the look of it. It cost £70 & no way would I buy another one. It works ok, but no better than a cheap supermarket one. It might last longer but I could buy 7 or 8 new ones for that price! And the coating has come off the knob at the side of it...nothing but its prettiness to recommend it really.

mummydarlingsausage Tue 22-Sep-09 20:17:27

we have a magimix le toaster which i think they might do at john lewis. it has a 3 year guarantee - we have had ours for 2 and it is brilliant so far - toasts evenly and toasts the same today as it did new. pricey but imo worth it as we use it everyday.

NumptyMum Tue 22-Sep-09 20:32:13

Thanks for all the replies so far - keep them coming! It's a minefield out there... no wonder we've stuck with our £5 job for so long.

ilikeyoursleeves Tue 22-Sep-09 20:34:17

We have a Dulait- DH bought it >10 years ago and it still works! Looks fab (if it was clean that is LOL) & toasts well.

blithedance Tue 22-Sep-09 20:39:55

I have a Dualit bought only for poncy reasons - it does make fine toast no problems. But the one that I've seen make probably millions of slices in my friend's large family is the Breville one that is lower at the front. It always makes good toast and it gets good reviews online.

2-slice version here

mwff Tue 22-Sep-09 20:45:03

i have the kenwood one - we have to turn the slices over half way so they cook evenly i.e. it is a useless toaster. only bought it cos i assumed if you spent a ridiculous amount on a toaster it would somehow make toast better than the crappy cheapy ones we've always had. makes nice toasties, but that's not the point.

NumptyMum Tue 22-Sep-09 20:57:44

mwff - very useful to know! I'd only seen good reviews for the Kenwood (on Amazon)... but as there were only 7 reviews it was hard to tell. I think there was criticism that for thinner toast, there's nothing to stop it keeling over to one side.

Dualit owners... do you reckon the quality is still good for current models? Not that you're likely to buy one again as yours will last forever grin.

(have sneaking feeling that I'll end up with the John Lewis toaster after all, just can't bring myself to think a toaster can be worth £100+)

NumptyMum Wed 23-Sep-09 16:45:11

Any other toaster tales? I'm still wary of £££ for a Dualit (plus they are a bit wider than current toaster, and I can't lose any more worktop space)...

furge Wed 23-Sep-09 18:39:27

If you are looking for a good Toaster then you should check these out.

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