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Best phone, broadband and digital option?

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Tigerlion Mon 21-Sep-09 15:57:32

I have paid a fortune for Sky combo package - every phone call on Sky talk seems to cost so much. We are moving house so I have an opportunity to change package.

Does anyone have separate packages? I am thinking of going for Freeview + telly but don't know which cheapest/ best value Broadband and phone packages are.

WebDude Mon 21-Sep-09 21:09:40

Suggest you look at ThinkBroadband which has a very busy forum area, and unlike so many of the other 'broadband comparison' sites, doesn't make commission out of links to ISPs (most others will only list ISPs which pay them commission, so you don't get to know all the ISPs that are available).

Much of what package is best for you will depend on how much data you transfer, and which companies are available where you are moving to - see SamKnows and do exchange search - in the bottom right of the page you should see a list of "LLU" services like AOL, O2, TalkTalk, Sky. Any marked 'yes' or with a date are available on the exchange so check that they offer if you are a heavy downloader (10GB or more a month)

I don't have a landline, or TV at present, so cannot give you suggestions from personal experience this minute, but have clients using PlusNet (owned by BT) or Tiscali (owned by TalkTalk) for internet - the Tiscali one is a BB + calls package, and with a family of 4, with two mid/late teen lads, so I think I would have been getting calls if they were having problems.

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