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ipods, apple, pc world and consumer rights.

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gill89 Sat 19-Sep-09 10:02:12

i bought an ipod shuffle from pc world in december 08

it has stopped working so as it is within its 12 month guarantee period i returned it to pc world. they sai that because it is after 28 days i had to deal with apple direct.

i rang them, they sent out a prepaid bag to return it. it came back within the week saying that they found nothing wrong BUT is still didn't work. so i rang them again and they sent out another bag; it hS COME BACK AGIN WITH "NO FAULT FOUND" oops caps.

am i within my rights, do you reckon, to insist pc world do somehting as i bought it from them and my 'contract' is therefore with them.

i jsut want it fixed/a new one.

what do you think?

sammysamsam Sun 20-Sep-09 00:14:15

if apple are saying 'fault not found' they must've tried it right? why not take it to an apple shop and ask them to try and listen to a song in it? is that what the prob is? no sound?- not being funny, but have you tried different headphones with he shuffle?-may be its the headphones at fault perhaps? as per going to pc world-that is who ur contract is with, but saying that, i dont know for sure what the t&c's are of the sale..if worst comes to the worst- ring your local trading standards and seek advice perhaps?

alypaly Sun 20-Sep-09 00:20:50

gill89 ..depends what pc's disclaimer is that should be visible in the store.
if it says you have to deal with manufacturer after 28 days then im afraid you have no come back on pc world. Guarantee is then with the manufacturer.

by from john lewis they are brilliant

elkiedee Sun 20-Sep-09 00:32:52

Haven't had a shuffle but have had ipods replaced by Apple a couple of times, have also had to reset Ipod following the troubleshooting advice in my Rough Guide to Ipods - but most of it's available online on Apple's own website I think. The times I've had to reset I've lost content and had to put it back from my computer but the ipod's worked again fine, and obviously I would also lose content by having to get a replacement.

gill89 Sun 20-Sep-09 11:35:28

I googled consumer rights and found a government site that said regardless of PC worlds T&C my issue is with the trader not the manufacturer. Printed it off and went to PC W.

Miserable bloke checked it, asked for receipt then gave me a replacement. The only words he said were "No" (in response to me asking if it worked for him)then "Have you got your receipt?" then "I'll get another one". No please, thank you, sorry etc etc. He needs to sue the charm-school he went to. wink

But nevermind I've got a working shuffle! RESULT

WebDude Sun 20-Sep-09 12:14:08

Thanks for the info. It does seem as if Apple botched that one - glad the replacement was forthcoming even if member of staff was 'lacking' - maybe he (stupidly) had a late night and always hates working Sundays!

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