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2nd Stage Car Seats

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Bellie Sun 05-Jun-05 18:26:09

Am about to buy the 2nd stage car seat for dd and have that ISOfix car seats are the safest - is this true and what are the differences over other 2nd stage car seats?
Don't want to spend money on the wrong one so any advice is appreciated.


LIZS Sun 05-Jun-05 18:35:13

There are a number of threads running atm. Which ? has come out pro-Isofix I think mainly on the basis of ease to fit and security as opposed to those retained by seatbelts being much easier to fit incorrectly and,therefore, not securely. However if you don't have Isofix in your car the survey offers little comfort but has a couple of suggestions of which to choose or avoid. The most important thing is that it is compatible with your make/model/year of car.

Have a look at this thread and this one for a summary of the findings and discussion of the issues.

Bellie Sun 05-Jun-05 18:39:35

Thanks Lizs - will read the threads - sorry had not seen these and had looked in products before creating the thread

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