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Help need on Maclaren Quest!!

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catyc Tue 20-May-03 15:03:50

I'm probably going to buy one of these but it's a long journey to the shop so need to check some things first.

How far back does it recline? My son's 6 months & still naps quite a lot. He doesn't need to be flat, but he needs to be able to lie further back, for example, than his car seat.

Also, how much shade does the hood give? He hates getting the sun in his eyes.

Finally, will it still be ok for him when he's older? Ideally, this & his pram will see him through till he's walking. (Our main pram's a Britax which is sturdy but also very heavy & awkward to fold down).

Thank you!!!!

BigBird Tue 20-May-03 15:30:20

hi catyc
We love our quest!
It has a 3 position seat and it goes back fairly far. Not flat, but enough for a baby to sleep well IMO. Our dd slept in the evening and napped in it on hols at 9 mths (and hopefully will again this year at 21 months).
The hood isn't great for shade, you might need a parasol aswell. When I was buying our Quest the bolts on the side of the hood must have been a bit loose so it was easy to pull the hood forward (ie. in front of babys face) and I thought that was a cool thing for the sun but the guy inthe shop said I shouldn't do that or it will break! ooops

I think it will be fine for my dd until she dosn't need a buggy any more but obviously all babies are different sizes.

Our main pram is a graco TS and th eQuest is an excellent 2nd buggy I think. Its lightish and umbrella folding, but has a few nice features (recline).

Only thing is you can't get into the basket when baby is fully reclined but thats never been a prob really. Also - the rain cover can be tough to get on when new.

good luck

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