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How can I get a fridge quickly?

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peckarollover Sun 05-Jun-05 08:31:47

My fridge has just completely died - stuck without it!

Do you always have to wait ages for them?

misdee Sun 05-Jun-05 08:32:36

nope, if you c9ontact currys etc and find out what they have in stock you should be able to get one today if u cana arrange to collect it yourself.

Earlybird Sun 05-Jun-05 09:37:00

My fridge died last summer, and of course Peter Jones said I'd have to wait about a week for a new one. I complained long and loudly, and the floor manager agreed to "loan" me one of the small floor models for use until the new one could be delivered/installed. I had to leave a deposit, which was reimbursed when the loaner fridge was returned. Not sure if that is standard practice, but you might want to ask.

One word of caution - most companies will deliver your new fridge, but won't install. I had to arrange (and pay) for another company to come install. I also had to do a deal for them to take the old fridge away. What did they think I was going to do with it??

Good luck. Amazing how something as simple as a broken fridge can make a big difference in your day to day life!

peckarollover Sun 05-Jun-05 10:26:05

Panic MAY be over. DP just rang from work and said it could just be the bulb has gone DOHHHHHHHHHHHH the only reason we thought it had died is because when we opened the door this morning the light was off

Fingers crossed its just that

misdee Sun 05-Jun-05 14:37:23

hope it just the bulb.

install a fridge? dont you just plug them in?

lunachic Sun 05-Jun-05 14:39:47

is the stuff still cold ??

lol misdee !!

Davros Sun 05-Jun-05 19:56:20

I assume installation means one with an ice maker or something? Or maybe its one that goes behind a cupboard door?
I saw one in the local paper for £40 if you're anywhere near NW3...

Earlybird Sun 05-Jun-05 22:17:23

Guess I should have clarified - my flat has a fitted kitchen (came that way), so I couldn't go out and buy a basic fridge. It had to be one that could have the cabinet door fitted on. So, unfortunately for me, there was installation required. Felt like I'd really been ripped off too, as the new fridge cost a ludicrous amount compared to others.

peckarollover Mon 06-Jun-05 09:08:00

It was just the bulb lol

lunachic Mon 06-Jun-05 09:31:11

thanks good news eh- saved yourself a few pennies thankgoodness for mn !

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