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NewbeeMummy Wed 16-Sep-09 17:10:19

I'm wanting to get a new camera before DD is born, as our current one always takes pictures that are badly out of focus unless you have the flash on, and takes a couple of seconds from the button push to actually taking the picture, so I'm concerned that by the time it take the picture DD will have stopped doing what ever it was she was doing. It's also several years old, and my blackberry takes better quality pictures.

Any advice on what would be best to get for less than £300?

2to3 Thu 17-Sep-09 13:12:30

Get a Canon IXUS - they dinky, handy and super simple to use. They take great quality photos and do short videos too. We got one just before our boys were born and were so pleased we did as otherwise our photos from the big even would've been rubbish. Our model is not available anymore but if you do a search on Amazon or similar and read the reviews I'm sure you'll find one for less than £200.

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