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where can i get a body warmer thing for dd aged 3

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nikcola Sat 04-Jun-05 19:03:11

they used to have them in next but dont do them anymore ???????

WigWamBam Sat 04-Jun-05 19:04:24

H&M usually have them.

nikcola Sat 04-Jun-05 19:09:55

hi honey how are you xxxx

WigWamBam Sat 04-Jun-05 19:10:49

Hi - not too bad thanks, I keep plodding on anyway! How are you?

nikcola Sat 04-Jun-05 19:12:42

im ok ta, nackered but ok x

nikcola Sat 04-Jun-05 19:12:59

do H&M do online?

Aero Sat 04-Jun-05 19:20:15

Nikola, I have a blue one that dd has outgrown and was about to put it up for sale on here for £2.00 + postage if you're interested. It says age five on the label but unless your three year old is very tiny, I'm sure it would fit. My dd is still only four, though a tall four iyswim. It has a zip and poppers and is sparkly and has warm fleece on the inside. Only thing is that part of the bottom popper is missing - I'm sure it could be replaced, but we never did as we just used the zip. Having said that, she's only worn it a handful of times, so apart from the popper, it looks like new. Will hold on to it rather than advertise it if you'd like it.

WigWamBam Sat 04-Jun-05 19:21:11

H&M don't do online, they have an online showroom but you can't order. I thought that Muddy Puddles might do them, but they don't seem to.

nikcola Sat 04-Jun-05 19:22:13

she wanted a pink one but hey she could have two ill take it off you aero email me at

thanks xxxxx

Aero Sat 04-Jun-05 19:27:11

Funnily enough, she also has a pink one the same which fits her now. It says age eight on the label! She doesn't often wear it, but will hang onto it for now just in case she takes a notion! Will email you tomorrow as have parents here now and are about to go out, lol. Will also weigh it and see what postage will be. It's fairly light though, so not too much.

WWB - got your cheque today (thanks v much), so will get onto that after my folks return home!

nikcola Sat 04-Jun-05 19:28:00

ok ta x

WigWamBam Sat 04-Jun-05 19:32:36

No rush, Aero

Aero Sun 05-Jun-05 23:54:10

Have emailed you now Nikola and included pics for you. Let me know if you don't get it.

WWB, have parcelled up the plimsolls and will post them off tomorrow.

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