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Canoes/Kayaks: It's a long shot, but does anyone know anything about them?

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I'm not necessarily expecting an answer to this grin

So... no shops nearby and I thought I'd do a bit of research into this online. Unsurprisingly my head now hurts.

I want to get a 2+ seater canoe/kayak (still not sure of the difference) for my 11 year old and his dad. It would be for use on a slow moving river. So I want something stable, not fast.

Are the inflatable ones any good? Is there anything I should avoid? Any shop recommendations (particularly up North or in Wales) or online?

That's about it.

<crosses fingers and starts to count down to Christmas> TIA

Leeka Tue 15-Sep-09 15:34:43

Canoe is open, kayak has closed top. So you'd likely want a canoe for two people (although you can get kayaks with two 'holes', useful for sea use). Inflatable ones are fine but obviously have limitations re scraping on stones, submerged rocks, etc, so solid better for rivers. Do you want to buy them a new one, or would second-hand be ok? My partner paddles, and his Canadian canoe was about £1k new, from White Water Consultancy in Carmarthen who are very good and supply a wide variety of equipment and know what they're talking about. Hope this helps!

amazonianwoman Tue 15-Sep-09 19:46:53

Brookbank canoes & kayaks are good - stores in Carlisle and Stockport.

Currently DH's favourite haunt hmm I can feel another hobby coming on...

Wow! Sorry about the delay in replying I was very much expecting to see nothing. Leeka, thank you. So it really is that simple! Second hand is fine, are the canadian ones good? Ir really is just to paddle about in the water so just a basic all rounder is what I'm looking for.

amazonianwoman I can sympathise with the hmm what am I letting myself in for.

Is any particular type more sturdy/solid/reliable than the others? And when it comes to materials which is best (bearing in mind a limited budget)?

Thank you!

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