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What wipes with washable nappies???

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Dickers Mon 19-May-03 21:22:46

I'm currently a moltex nappy girl and I am thinking of washable nappies for home (still have to use disposables for nursery)and I have one big question...what wipes do you use with cloth nappies? Do flushable wipes exist? I really don't want to use the cotton wool and water option, as you still end up with something to throw in the bin.

Pimpernel Mon 19-May-03 21:52:16

We use some cheap IKEA flannels with water - then they just go in the nappy bucket and through the wash with the nappies.

lucy123 Mon 19-May-03 22:06:09

flannels for me too. You need at least 10 (then you have a fresh one for face and bum all the time. I have 8 and have a complicated system involving which flannel is on which side of the sink). Also choose white ones so you can wash them with the nappies.

Or you could use the thick toddler wipe-your-own wipes - I think those are flushable.

morocco Tue 20-May-03 17:04:01

or just cut up an old terry nappy (if you feel up to it, they last longer if you hem the edges - maybe you know someone with a sewing machine?)
I got loads of wipes out of one nappy and they're still going strong months later

Katherine Wed 21-May-03 19:16:47

You can buy washable wipes from all the washable nappy sites but it seems a bit of a waste to me. I know other mums just use old nappies, towels etc and one mum recommended a baby sponge (the sponge was fine enough not to trap the poo, sorry cringe). I'm planning to cut up some old hand towels which we never use and DH has volunteered some old shirts (think this is an excuse to buy new ones though). Think you can use just about anything.

You can use them with water or has recipees to make your own lotions.

BTW how do others manage when out - you you just take normal ones or have you sussed a carry system to keep them wet etc. Found a case on one site which came with wipes and two pockets - one for clean and one for dirty but it was £15 which seemed a bit much when you can make your own.

elliott Wed 21-May-03 19:35:15

Katherine to keep normal wipes wet when out I just use zip n seal freezer bags - surely a couple of those would do the trick

elliott Wed 21-May-03 19:35:51

oops, by 'normal' of course I meant 'disposable'....

Demented Wed 21-May-03 22:48:57

We just use Huggies wipes in the zippy bag (don't go all dry like the other wipes), I usually get them on a buy one get one free type offer and we don't do many out and about changes so they last for ages.

I believe some use cloth wipes and carry a little spray bottle with some of their wipes mixture in it, spray some of this onto the wipe and off you go, I have seen some out and about wipe kits on e-bay, but obviously it wouldn't be difficult to put together your own.

If you are looking for a eco friendly/cost effective alternative to nappy sacks and don't want to pay the fortunes that some of the nappy makers want for little washable bags to put the dirty nappies in you can get little drawstring wash bags in Superdrug for 99p that are just the right size for a nappy. I usually take a couple of these with me with a clean nappy in and then exchange it for the dirty one if I change DS2 when out and about.

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