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Sonic the Hedgehog duvet sets

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princessmel Sun 13-Sep-09 21:52:39

Can anyone find one for me please?
I have found this one in Next but am on the hunt to see if I can find a cheaper one.
Ds would love this one though....and I may end up just getting it.

Or failing that a Tom and Jerry , Lego (or any Lego character like Lego Star Wars/Indiana Jones etc), Super Mario duvet set.

If I could choose I'd go for one that matches his room...but I am letting him pick. Cos I'm nice wink
Dd and ds are going to have to share soon when dc3 arrives and they are getting new bunkbeds grin All very exciting.

Thanks clever Mnetters

Lindax Sun 13-Sep-09 22:13:38

sorry cant help, I searched high and low during the summer for ds who is into the same things - Sonic, Tom & Jerry or Super Mario sets and found nothing so we went for a dinosaur theme room instead. Then the Next catalogue came out with the cool Sonic one and it doesn't match the room now (havent shown him the catalogue as he'll want it!).

princessmel Mon 14-Sep-09 21:54:22

Thanks lindax

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