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trainer bike - do you rate them?

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ja9 Sun 13-Sep-09 21:51:19

dd is 2.5yrs. hasn't got a bike yet. is it worth getting one of those trainer bike things? the £20 argos one is still available in some places but won't be for much longer.... all advice / opinions appreciated.


Wilts Sun 13-Sep-09 21:52:33

Do you mean the little wooden bikes with no peddles? If so Ds2 had one and it was fab, he could really fly along on it.

paddingtonbear1 Sun 13-Sep-09 21:52:52

do you mean a balance bike? if so yes I think they are worth it.

ja9 Sun 13-Sep-09 22:06:24

yes, balance bike - thank you!

FruitPud Sun 13-Sep-09 22:16:17

no,they are pants

PacificDogwood Sun 13-Sep-09 22:19:19

Balance bikes rock! They can "walk" on it initally and they gain confidence they go really quite fast on them AND actually learn about balance.
DSs1 and 2 "graduated" from balance bike straight to proper bikes without stabilisers (well, we had put stabilisers on initially, but as they were used to lean into bends they fell over more with them than without, so off they came...)
Lidl and Aldi do really good wooden ones from time to time.

hannahsaunt Mon 14-Sep-09 11:06:52

Ds3 was 2 on Saturday and got one - seems to be a big hit and we saw an older child fly round the park on one in the afternoon. Friends with older children have confirmed that they go straight to a proper bike c4 with no stabilisers.

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