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'luxury' purchases for a new baby

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elliott Mon 19-May-03 16:14:31

Well, I'm nearly safely through the first trimester and gearing up for some serious maternity retail indulgence
Since this is likely to be my last baby and I already have most of the basics, I am looking for ideas for stuff that is really nice to have but, erm, not strictly necessary....
I'm sure you gals can give me the necessary inspiration!

elliott Mon 19-May-03 16:15:07

ps why won't it let you preview the first message on a thread??

edgarcat Mon 19-May-03 16:32:57

Message withdrawn

kaz33 Mon 19-May-03 16:43:08

Oh definitely a lambskin - I've just bought one for DS2 and it is gorgeous.

Also just invested in a Graco motorised swing.

Frenchgirl Mon 19-May-03 16:50:44

Lambskin's lovely, had one when I was little and adored sitting and playing on it...
Also for when baby's a bit older, how about a really nice rocking horse? Or a special little wooden playhouse for outside?

pie Mon 19-May-03 16:56:05

How about a Bill Amberg sheepskin Baby Papoose as used by Kate Winslet, yours for a mere £285

LucieB Mon 19-May-03 16:57:38

How about some lovely Burberry Baby Touch perfume and massage oil? You can get it at most department stores and it smells divine! Most importantly, it is completely frivolous!!!!

EmmaTMG Mon 19-May-03 17:05:44

How about another new pram.....simple suggestion but it will get used!

I going to indulge in a lambskin for our No.3 due September, even though we have a black dog and the two won't make ideal housemate but Hey who cares.

ScummyMummy Mon 19-May-03 17:06:28

Oooo, pie. That papoose is gorgeous. I almost want to be a wee baby in it.

Sheepskins are a really nice luxury I agree. And I'd buy lots of tiny socks too because they are so cute. And dungarees- I'd buy loads, especially stripy ones, and make my baby wear them for as long as possible. My 4 year olds won't touch them with a barge pole now because they are too cool. How about a really funky and/or beautiful cot mobile for the bub to gaze at?

elliott Mon 19-May-03 17:07:53

mmm, thanks pie
Actually one of the things I REALLY want is a Kelty Kids kangaroo sling - a snip at £50 but since I already have Baby Bjorn AND Wilkinet...DH not impressed!!

elliott Mon 19-May-03 17:09:49

EmmaTMG -never had a pram last time(!) - perhaps I should have titled this thread 'slightly less than basic purchases for a new baby!!'
But am hoping to get a kiwi explorer if I don't bottle out - the expense makes me feel weak at the knees....

pie Mon 19-May-03 17:13:54

Talking of Wilkinets, I sold mine about a month before I got pregnant, now they cost £10 more than when I got one first time round. Damn ineffective birth control!

I personally will be angling for a Kate Spade diaper bag . This works out around £160.

elliott Mon 19-May-03 18:49:23

yes, sheepskin is definitely on the list. Also some nice newborn outfits -I was way too sensible last time ('they grow out of them so quickly'!) and poor ds was clothed almost entirely in second hand stuff at the beginning.
Actually it is looking like this one will have so much more spent on it - we were very lucky with gifts and hand-me-downs last time and I am scratching my head to think of almost anything we bought new for ds (err, changing mat??) So I do feel the urge to push the boat out (ever so slightly!) this time around.

Frenchgirl Mon 19-May-03 19:11:47

You could get some cashmere babygros (not sure where though, I think Clements Ribeiro were doing them, probably Burberrys too), I can imagine how snuggly that would be for baby!!

lou33 Mon 19-May-03 19:40:58

Does the gorgeous man come with the papoose? Where can I order him?

SueW Mon 19-May-03 20:20:40

Take a look at Junior magazine or Dad mag (order from if you're not given it at your booking in) and order eveything you see advertised

elliott Mon 19-May-03 20:48:17

LOL SueW - actually I have just ordered an urchin catalogue

NQWWW Mon 19-May-03 23:08:36

Love Urchin - have spent many happy hours browsing although have only bought 2 things. One was a fake wolf fur cosytoes, which was fab and much coveted - got lots of enquiries about where it came from. I love the bibs they have with cowboys on, the patchwork blankets, the fancy changing bags... (somebody stop me now). But can't quite justify them to dp.

nobby Tue 20-May-03 16:58:16

NQWWW The cowboy stuff is actually made up from Cath Kidston material - so you can go onto her website and make your own stuff (if you can be bothered!). Much cheaper. Got nice sailboat stuff too.

Meid Tue 20-May-03 17:05:59

Christian Dior - lovely Baby Dior clothes, even Baby Dior dummies. No newborn should be seen without one!!!

Paula1 Tue 20-May-03 17:13:45

How about some Molton Brown baby massage oil, it smells lovely, while you're there you could treat yourself to some of their lovely things too.

snickers Tue 20-May-03 17:14:41

There's a store called "nippas with attitude" Think it's in London, don't know if they're on the web (have never found them)... Saw it in an article once. They had lots of coooool baby stuff.

I loved the scratch mittens with "love" on one and "hate" on the other...

DebL Sun 25-May-03 12:49:12

inch-blue or bobux baby shoes
bushbaby carrier
wicker moses basket with silk linings
ooh, I could go on for hours.....

SamboM Sun 25-May-03 14:08:59

My m-i-l bought dd a Brora Baby Cashmere cardigan which is so soft and gorgeous, would recommend to anyone!

PopsP Tue 17-Jun-03 13:10:51

Have you been to Daisy & Tom, you could do some serious damage to your babk balance in there.

I think it's a great idea to splash out on some non-essential stuff.

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