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where to get a white cardigan for ds

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loulabelle222 Fri 03-Jun-05 11:04:10

i am trying to find a white cardigan for ds (13m) anyone know where i can find one?

Enid Fri 03-Jun-05 11:11:37

gap? boden?

TracyK Fri 03-Jun-05 11:16:30

Zara, gap? but - are you mad - white?? and a 13mo??

Sparks Fri 03-Jun-05 11:23:28

I would try Marks & Spencer

cod Fri 03-Jun-05 11:24:58

Message withdrawn

suzywong Fri 03-Jun-05 11:26:17

I think there is probably a very good reason a white cardigan for a 13mo is hard to find.

Enid Fri 03-Jun-05 11:27:53

i remember loulabelle from other threads, she likes to dress her ds in white (and labels I remember )

Enid Fri 03-Jun-05 11:28:34

rachel riley do them but they are quite girly

alternatively you can often get them from charity shops (those old ladies churn them out)

suzywong Fri 03-Jun-05 11:29:49

likes to do loads of washing too I expect!

Miaou Fri 03-Jun-05 11:36:18

loulabelle, you might be better getting one knitted up for you - just a mo and I'll see if I can track down a website that does such things....

darlingbud Fri 03-Jun-05 11:38:50


Miaou Fri 03-Jun-05 11:41:05

here you go

franch Fri 03-Jun-05 11:45:44

DD has a gorgeous white cashmere cardi from Pure - expensive (it was a gift) but they've got a sale on at the moment. It's one of the nicest things she's got - incredibly soft - people always go crazy over it.

franch Fri 03-Jun-05 11:46:38

Oh poo, thought it was a DD you were wanting it for. They do have stuff for boys, but maybe cashmere won't be what you're looking for.

loulabelle222 Fri 03-Jun-05 12:03:25

i just love white, white cardigans also go with nearly everything! Enid i do dress ds in labels but also cheap stuff too!

loulabelle222 Fri 03-Jun-05 12:03:44

thanks Miaou

vickiyumyum Fri 03-Jun-05 21:02:48

my local mothercare has white cardigans up to 18-24 months but they aren't very trendy, they have quite an old fashioned ribbing design on them, i always swore by m&s or next baby wear for cardis for boys. if your ds is a small 13month then the 9=12 would probably fit

TinyGang Fri 03-Jun-05 21:08:24

Blimey Charlie! £39 for a little girls cardigan from Pure. I think that calls for a... <Thud>!

TinyGang Fri 03-Jun-05 21:09:54

Double Thud...just noticed it was originally £59!!!

dinny Fri 03-Jun-05 21:10:24

white cardi for a boy? can't think you'll find one...

Puff Fri 03-Jun-05 21:12:02

Do you know anyone who knits?

MissSunshine Sat 04-Jun-05 08:51:59

I brought one last year for from Gap,it was a sweatshirt one

loulabelle222 Sat 04-Jun-05 09:15:04

whats wrong with white cardi for a boy? I have found one cheap at jojo maman bebe! thanks everyone

vickiyumyum Sat 04-Jun-05 19:02:13

well done loulabelle222, i just saw one today in next, it has a hood and is quite a chunky, but lightweight knit. it was in the newborn section, but came up big as my friends dd who is nearly 18months fitted in to it with a little bit of room to grow.

i think that they look cute in white too. its just my ds's were always too rough and tough looking to keep them in anything white for more than 5 minutes was a challenge. even now with white patterned t-shirts they manage to get filthy just playing in the playroom!

hatsoff Sat 04-Jun-05 19:04:19

M&S have nice cotton chunky ones. I was a massive fan of white - dd1 was barely out of it for her first year. I noticde the M&S ones cos I was annoyed they didn;t do them when dds were litle

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