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Bebecar stylo 3 in 1 pram

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caz62 Wed 09-Sep-09 18:41:28

Hi, Im due my first baby in 11 weeks and have still not got a pram yet I'm panicking!! I've seen the Bebecar Stylo 3 in 1 pram although it's £700 with car seat included. Has anyone got this and would you recommened it? Any help would be much appreciated. Caz

hettie Wed 09-Sep-09 20:44:10

umme- it looks massive and very heavy? And VERY expensive. What kind of life do you live car or public transport..... countryside or town..... active outdoors type or chatting with friends over coffee? If I was a countryside outdoors type I would go for a mountain buggy with carrycot and for town (what I have actualy and we live in a town) or maybe bebe confort streety if more city type.....
One thing I would say- don't worry about having a car seat in the system, lots of the big name brands will take a maxi-cosi car seat and as this is by far the safest car seat on teh market I would go for that. ALSO bear in mind that if you want it to see you through think of the weight and pushability, babies become heavy toddlers! I love love my mountin buggy as it is a dream to push (air tyres) lightish and totally bullet proof.
BTW the real pram/puschair experts can be found on this thread

sazm Wed 09-Sep-09 21:13:02

i have a bebecar rversus, and just wanted to say im very pleased with the build quality of it,
does depend very much on your lifestyle as to whether it would suit you,
if you walk everywhere then yes they are nice,but if you are in/out of the car a lot,you will get fed up very quickly,

saltcod Wed 09-Sep-09 23:43:15

I liked the look of this one but when I went to see one in the flesh it completely put me off - it's huge and very heavy.

You really need to go to a big store & try some out... preferably borrow somebody's toddler as ALL prams feel light to push when empty!

raindroprhyme Sat 12-Sep-09 16:54:17

I have one that is nearly 5 years old and loved it for DS2 and it has been in service for my niece and will be back again for this baby.

I walk alot so wanted a big proper pram. It is lovely to push and the pram bit was Ds2 firstbed until he was 9 months old.

It is huge a nightmare to put in the car but is a cosy pram unit, seat unit is large and lasted ages. Huge shopping basket great for doing the food shopping with then walking home.

I love it but agree if you need to use public transport or get it in and out of the car alot probabbly not the best.

reallywoundup Sun 13-Sep-09 13:54:32

i have one and i still love it! but i never even attempt to put it in the car grin it is used purely for walking as it is one heck of a lump!

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